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of Rick Welch

Meet the Author | Rick Welch

Just a fun-loving, Irish descendant who enjoys a good laugh and a good story. Born in a coastal Massachusetts town that was known as one of "The Most Irish Towns in America", Rick loved learning about everything Irish, and the supply of great Irish culture, history, and music were easy to find.

When he's not working on the latest story, Rick and his wife Patti enjoy the beach, cooking, hiking, and playing with their dogs.


Rick is happy to introduce "Liam's Shenanigans" and the series of follow-up books that will be soon ready.

Q & A with Rick

Q:  How did you figure out the way to have Liam's accent come across in the book?

        I'm a big fan of Irish brogue, as we called it growing up.  I've met many people from Ireland both here in the US and in Ireland and I always appreciated speaking with them and I wanted to find a way to make Liam's responses sound a bit more authentic so I reflected on my conversations with friends to color his responses. 

Q:  Liam seems to like his Brownies and Shane was always ready with them. 
Did you ever get a recipe? LOL!

    A:  I'm working on it.  We might have one on the website pretty soon. 

Q:  How many more books are there?

    A:  That, my friend, is a great question.  So far, there are 2 more stories but because Liam seems to enjoy traveling, there might be a few more. 

Q:  Where can I get a Sheleighly?

    A:  Awesome question!  Online research will show you.  An interesting tidbit though, sheleighly's were originally used as weapons disguised as walking sticks.  

Q:  So, can you teach us how to do Liam's accent?

    A:  Well now...'tis a fine question, Lad. 

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