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(New Jersey) Publishers, BookBaby, have reached an agreement with Author, Rick Welch to produce the tantalizing tale of “Liam’s Shenanigans” for the Tweens in your life. The book is now available direct from BookBaby and in paperback or ebook from dozens of websites including Amazon, Target, Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and More!



(Florida) - Author Rick Welch has penned a beauty. He takes the young readers (and older ones too :) for an inside look into the famed Irish folklore world of the Leprechaun. The memorable characters are rife with intrigue, fun and shenanigans. The book pulls you in and takes you on a fun ride full of twists and turns and yes, Brownies. You'll get the Brownie reference once your 14 pages in. 'Tis a grand adventure!

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